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No need to buy the software! It is FREE! Plan your case yourself or upload your data and allow ROE to preplan the case. Once preplanned, join ROE via a virtual on line meeting to finalize the plan and order surgical guides.

Computer Guided Surgery

Blue Sky Plan combines the technology of treatment planning, with the of having your Surgical Components manufactured by ROE Dental Laboratory.

The Surgical Templates

The Surgical Template will be fabricated by ROE Dental Laboratory, at our facilities. Local manufacturing ensures the excellence you are accustomed to, while making the Surgical Template more accessible with a shorter delivery time.


ROE Dental Laboratory provides consultation and diagnostic services, fabricate the CT scan guides, plan or review treatment plans, fabricate Surgical Templates, create restorative models for immediate function cases as well as fixed and removable restorations.


By providing software free of charge, Blue Sky Plan makes computer guided surgery more accessible than ever before. Eliminating costs and working with ROE Dental Lab to make Computer Guided Products and Services more convent and readily available than ever before.